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OneBlade Razor & Stand - Gunmetal Grey

OneBlade Razor & Stand - Gunmetal Grey
$ 499.00

Gunmetal Grey Stainless Steel Razor  |  Gunmetal Grey Stainless Steel Stand 
Premium Leather Box  |  Complimentary 10-Pack of Blades  |  30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The OneBlade Razor is the most innovative razor on the market. Taking the best attributes of single and double edged safety razors along with a floating, pivoting head common in cartridge razors, the OneBlade Razor stands apart as a luxurious, manly, high performance tool. Constructed from high-grade German stainless steel machined to +/- 0.05mm tolerance, this razor offers a lifetime warranty. Its military-grade PVD coating provides excellent corrosion resistance, cleanability and feel. The pivoting head controlled by a Teflon coated stainless steel spring complemented by the optimal blade exposure and angle, brings the allure and quality of a straight razor shave right into your home. Its quick-load blade system provides a great user experience and the hand polished finish is the final touch to an amazingly beautiful razor.

It's the Best Razor on Earth. Period. That’s why it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.