OneBlade CORE

  • Our new OneBlade CORE razor carries the same signature patent-pending design profile of our signature all-stainless steel, award-winning OneBlade GENESIS razor... but is built using Tritan ™, an engineer-grade polymer (plastic), with a 304 stainless steel rod inserted into the handle core for an added, balanced weight. Blending elements of the traditional safety razor with updated technology, the end result is a never-before-seen marriage of shaving performance and comfort.

    The OneBlade CORE uses the Feather FHS-10 Single Edge Blade. Made of hardened stainless steel and coated in platinum, these Japanese blades provide the perfect balance of sharpness and comfort to deliver you an exceptional shave with no irritation. (For best results, we recommend switching to a new blade after 1-3 shaves. Blades can be purchased from OneBlade for as low as $0.66/blade; you can also purchase them from other retailers like Amazon).

    From the pivot to the spring, this razor leaves no room for compromise or fault.

  • Read a letter from OneBlade CEO Tod Barrett about launching OneBlade CORE.

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